Wix vs. WordPress vs. Joomla: Which One Is Right for You?

WordPress Vs. Joomla – Which One Is Right for You?

If you’re looking for a website builder to create a new site or revamp an existing one, it’s important to choose the right platform. WordPress and Wix are two of the most popular choices on the market today.

Both platforms offer a wide range of features that can help you to grow your business online. But they have a few differences.


If you are looking to get a website up and running, it is important to choose the right platform. This will help you to create a website that is functional, looks good, and has a strong online presence. It will also make your site easier to maintain and update.

Wix and WordPress are both excellent platforms for launching websites. However, there are a few key differences between the two that can help you decide which one is best for you.

First, it is important to consider your budget and what features you need. The costs of building a website will depend on the size and complexity of your project.

A small business might only need a few pages with basic features, while a large company with an eCommerce shop might require a site that offers a high level of customization and security. Depending on your needs, you may want to look at other options.

Another thing to consider is the cost of ongoing maintenance and updates. This can be a big expense for any business, and it is important to know what your options are before you decide on a platform.

You can use a managed WordPress host such as Kinsta to handle all of these tasks on your behalf, or you can hire someone to do it for you. This can be a big investment, but it will save you the time and hassle of having to do it yourself.

Finally, it is important to remember that both Wix and WordPress are free, open source platforms. This means that you can create a website for free with them, but you will have to pay for additional features and services as your site grows.

For example, you can buy plugins to add Google Analytics and eCommerce to your site. You can also buy themes to help you design your site.

Wix is a great option for beginners who don’t have coding experience and want to build their website quickly. They have a range of free templates and an app store with more than 250 apps to choose from.


The design of your website is one of the first things that people will notice and affect their decision to visit your site. This is why every website owner should pay attention to the design of their site.

WordPress and Wix both offer a wide range of features to make the process of designing your website easier and more user-friendly. However, there are some important differences that should be considered before you choose the best platform for your needs.

In terms of layout, both platforms have a variety of pre-designed templates. These templates offer a clean, professional look and are easy to customize with your own content and images.

With WordPress, you can choose from thousands of free and premium themes. You can also hire a developer to build a custom theme for your website.

This means you can create a unique and modern design that will appeal to your audience. In addition, you can use a wide variety of plugins to add the functionality you need on your site.

Theme customization is another major factor when evaluating websites. While both platforms have a variety of options, WordPress offers more customization options than Wix.

WordPress is a popular blogging platform, and it offers all the features you need to run a successful blog. For example, it has a native commenting system and other advanced features that are missing on Wix.

It also has a powerful Gutenberg block editor that lets you create beautiful layouts for your blog posts. You can easily extend your blog with any features you want, including the ability to sell products online.

You can also take advantage of the dozens of plugins available on WordPress. These plugins can help you customize your website, make it more appealing to visitors, and improve search engine rankings.

If you are a beginner, then both WordPress and Wix can help you create your website without coding experience. In addition, they offer a simple drag and drop interface that makes editing your website easy.

Using Wix, you can choose from over 800 pre-designed templates to design your site. These templates include a variety of layouts, including blog and business sites, portfolios, and more. In addition, you can add new elements like social media buttons and videos.


WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs in the world, powering around 33 percent of websites. The other CMS, Joomla, lags behind at 2.9 percent.

WordPress has a lot of flexibility when it comes to customization. It has thousands of free and paid themes that can be customized with CSS to make your site look however you want it to.

You can also use plugins to add new features to your website, such as advanced custom fields, tablepress, or TinyMCE. If you’re looking to add extra functionality to your site, WordPress is the better choice.

While WordPress is more flexible, it is a bit more complex to learn than Wix. This can be a drawback for many people who aren’t used to learning new technology.

On the other hand, Wix is very beginner-friendly and is geared towards those who aren’t familiar with web development. It is also very affordable, making it a good option for a smaller business.

With Wix, you can choose from more than 800 templates broken out by industry and type of website. You can customize each template to your liking, including adding content blocks for specific sections and using custom colors.

The design of your website is important to attracting visitors, keeping them on your page, and making them stay long enough to find out what you have to offer. Wix offers some great features for enhancing your site’s design and improving your SEO.

For example, Wix allows you to add animations to text and images to keep visitors engaged. It also has built-in text suggestions to help you write an About page, store policy, or FAQs.

You can also use widgets to display a blog, social media, and other types of information on your website. You can even add a shopping cart to your website, making it easy for your visitors to buy products or services from you.

Whether you’re building a new website or updating an existing one, it’s important to take the time to decide what you need from it. Ultimately, choosing the right platform is going to depend on what you’re trying to achieve with your website and how much time and money you have available to spend on it.


WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) that enables you to build a website. The platform is known for its ease of use and versatility. It is primarily used as a blogging platform, but it has also grown into a complete website building tool. It’s a popular choice for large multinational online retailers.

The biggest advantage of WordPress is that it’s highly customizable. The platform offers thousands of themes and plugins to add functionality to your website. You can create a site that matches your unique style without having to hire a developer.

Another benefit of WordPress is that it’s extremely secure. Its core software is updated regularly to fix any security vulnerabilities and ensure that your website is safe.

Wix is a website builder that offers a drag and drop interface to easily create websites. The platform allows users to rearrange sections, write content, and add media in a simple manner.

However, it has a few drawbacks that can detract from its appeal. Its templates don’t look as good as WordPress’s and it’s harder to customize.

Despite this, it’s an excellent option for beginners. It’s easy to navigate and it doesn’t require a technical background to get started.

It’s a great choice for small businesses and portfolio sites that need an online presence. It’s not recommended for large-scale websites, though, because it can become sluggish as you add more pages.

The other drawback is that it’s unable to transfer data to another website builder. This is important if you plan to switch hosts or move your site to a different domain.

While the app market is a little limited, it gives you more options than Squarespace. However, it doesn’t cover everything that you could want to do with your site. It’s especially a problem if you need to customise your site beyond the capabilities of these apps.

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