The Top 10 Joomla Extensions You Need for 2023

Top 10 Joomla Extensions You Need For 2023

Joomla is one of the best CMS platforms available for building robust websites. With its straightforward control panel and useful help features, it’s easy for non-technical users to manage their sites.

There are a wide range of extensions for every website goal, from content management to SEO to social media. Here are our picks for the top 10 that you need for 2023:

1. Better Preview

Better Preview is a great Joomla plugin that generates previews of the content piece, menu item or extension you’re editing – before you commit your changes to your live environment. It is a huge improvement over the built-in Joomla preview functions, and offers users a great deal of ease and time-savings when working on their site.

It’s also a great resource for generating site backups, allowing users to restore their site in the event of a security breach. The plugin runs in the background, creating full backups that can be restored easily if needed.

This Joomla extension also has a great feature for preserving textures and details when resizing photos. The tool uses artificial intelligence-assisted upscaling, ensuring that hard-edged detail like text, logos, and skin tones are preserved.

2. JoomSEF

JoomSEF is a great tool for optimizing your website’s URLs and metadata. It creates SEO-friendly URLs, manages 404 errors and helps to configure 301 redirects.

Aside from that, it has a lot of other useful features and can be used to improve your user experience on the web. For example, it can log all 404 errors and show them to the site visitor so that they can quickly find out which pages are missing.

It also has a Words Manager that allows you to create and manage words, assigning SEF URLs to them. It also lets you control if and how SEF URLs are locked or disabled.

Besides those, it is possible to set some more advanced options related to creating and processing SEF URLs. The configuration can be done on the Global level or per component using the Manage Extensions page described in another chapter.


If you’re looking for a powerful tool to manage SEO on your Joomla site, you should check out RSSEO. It is an all-in-one tool that helps you manage metadata, create sitemaps, handle error pages and even monitor your competition’s performance.

Another feature that makes RSSEO stand out is the real-time SEO score. It will show you how your articles look on Google and give you tips on how to improve them.

It also lets you track keywords and analyze their position on your pages. You can also set up redirects when certain articles are no longer accessible or have been deleted.

As user experience design is a huge factor in Google rankings, this extension can be used to make your website more appealing and intuitive to users. For example, it can help you use diverse images that resemble the different demographics of your visitors.

4. Akeeba Backup

Akeeba Backup is a Joomla component that allows you to take a full site backup, including your database. It’s a fast and reliable native PHP backup engine that’s available through a menu item in your website’s back-end or through a quick icon on your Joomla control panel.

It can also be used for transferring your site from one server to another, deploying it on a client’s server or even testing upgrades before putting them live on a production server.

This feature is incredibly useful when dealing with large sites and preventing a potential security issue or server crash. This is especially helpful if you work with clients who don’t have FTP access to their site.

To use this menu option you must first enable it via the Options button in the Akeeba Backup component. Next you must set a secret key that your CRON job will have to enter in order to convince Akeeba Backup that it has the right to request a backup.

5. J2XML

J2XML is a powerful import/export solution that lets you export articles, categories, users, tags, weblinks, viewing access levels and other data to an XML file. It can also be used to transfer the content to another Joomla website.

It’s easy to use and comes with a variety of features, including flexible settings and a wide range of options. The extension is compatible with both Joomla 2.5 and 3.x versions, and is available for download free of charge from the official Joomla extensions directory.

In addition to J2XML, there are a number of other Joomla extensions that can improve the user experience on your site. Some of these include Akeeba Backup, which allows you to back up your database and files in case of a problem, and LazyDbBackup, which can create a backup of your database and send it via email.

One of the best Joomla migration tools is JUpgrade, which can upgrade your old site to a new one. It is available for both versions of Joomla, and has two different options: a basic version that upgrades from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5, and a pro version that upgrades from Joomla 2.5 to 3.1.

6. JComments

JComments is a great way to let your visitors leave their comments. It comes with a number of features, such as a flexible system of access rights settings, wide possibilities of custom view setting and a lot more!

Jcomments provides a very easy and convenient way to add comments to any content of your website. It can be enabled for any native content component and even any of the dozens of different extensions you may have on your Joomla site.

In the settings of JComments you can choose categories for commenting, enable RSS feeds and set the number of comments to be displayed in an RSS feed. There are also options to select a tree or flat layout for the list of comments.

Moreover, you can configure the maximum allowed comments length and protect your users from spambots by using built-in technology. You can also set up the access rights to certain BBCode tags for different user groups, allowing registered users to use only basic BBCode tags and authors and above to use links and images.

7. Events Booking

Event Booking is a powerful Joomla component that can be used to manage and track reservations for any type of events. Whether it’s a hotel booking, taxi booking, bus ticket sales, or hourly car hire, this extension makes the process easier and more intuitive.

It also comes with a number of features to enhance the user experience and help improve conversion rates. These include an easy-to-use calendar, support for different service providers, and a mobile-friendly interface.

For each event, you can configure the price, capacity, registration type, and access level. You can also set a cut-off date for when users will no longer be able to register.

It supports attachments, recurring events, and a group-view function for listing events of the same type together. Moreover, it allows registrants to join a waiting list when an event is full and cancel their registrations when the event is cancelled.

8. Easy Blog

It’s no secret that your blog is the lifeblood of any online business. In order to keep your readership happy and satiated, you need to deliver the goods on a regular basis. Thankfully, there are a variety of useful Joomla plugins that can help you get the job done quickly and easily, without sacrificing your site’s SEO or usability.

The top of the line in this category is Easy Blog, which comes with some pretty impressive – and enticing – features. It’s a lightweight plugin that makes it quick and easy to add new content, while providing all the essentials you’d expect from a blogging tool.

The most notable feature is that it enables you to showcase your best posts in a stylish and highly functional slider on your homepage. This is a great way to show off your finest work and catch the eye of any visitor. Using this in conjunction with a custom font and some bold colours will make your post titles stand out from the crowd.

9. Easy Social

Easy Social is a comprehensive and user-friendly social network that integrates your site with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Vkontakte. It also supports private messaging, file sharing, groups and events.

Whether you want to create your own social network or improve the experience of your visitors, this Joomla social extension is perfect for you. It is packed with useful features that will help you build a community on your site without any coding knowledge.

Its A/B split testing feature lets you try different configurations and monitor results in real-time. It also includes social metrics so you can learn which configurations are working best for your website.

The Social Share Buttons plugin is a great way to increase your site’s social visibility and drive traffic by encouraging users to share content on their favorite social platforms. It offers a wide range of CTA buttons and subscription forms, and it is easy to customize with no coding knowledge.

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