3 Domain Parking Networks Out There

Domain parking can be an excellent way to generate passive income. Although initial costs and efforts will need to be put in, you could build an impressive portfolio that makes money without much work being required on your part.

There are various domains you can park, from misspelled to expired domains – each comes with its own advantages; so the choice should come down to you!


Sedo is an online marketplace and parking network offering domain registration services, boasting a customer review rating of 3.9 out of 5, as per online research.

Sedo provides users with a domain parking service to “park” undeveloped domain names in order to earn revenue from traffic generated by these names. In order to use Sedo for this, users need only forward their domain to an established nameserver provided by Sedo and enter it in their Sedo User account.

Sedo or its advertising partner may pay the owner of a parked Domain who receives visits from internet users a click balance that may be applied towards various modes of domain traffic monetization; including banner ads, text links and redirects.

Domain owners will find that the amount of click balance they earn with each lander type varies based on which landing page type they select. In general, 1-click landing pages perform better than 2-click landing pages for most domains; however, different factors will influence this decision and it is essential that they choose one which gives their domain the best chance of earning them the most money possible.

By selectinging the Lander Type and clicking “start” to park your domain name, you acknowledge having read and accepted these Domain Parking Terms and Conditions as they will apply to your use of Sedo’s Domain Parking Services. If you do not agree to them or the rules for Sedo’s Referral Traffic Program then your usage of the Domain Parking Services is not authorized.

Your domain parked with Sedo should never generate artificial pageviews or clicks from third-party referrals without prior approval from Sedo. Furthermore, any attempts at redirection or targeting traffic must also be approved beforehand by Sedo.

On submitting an initial domain parking application and receiving approval by Sedo, you will be presented with both their Domain Parking Terms and Conditions and these Domain Parker rules. If you do not accept these terms, your account will be disabled and cannot use Sedo’s Domain Parking Service.


Bodis is a domain parking and monetization platform designed to assist investors and speculators monetize undeveloped domain names quickly and effortlessly. Bodis offers instant sign-up with no application process or minimum requirements, an intuitive user interface, custom folders with auto-optimized templates, search and filter options, free tools, advanced reporting features, sale options API implementations with Net 7 payments; plus fast support.

Bodis also allows domainers to set up escrow accounts. According to CEO Matt Wegrzyn, Bodis provides an easier and safer solution for domainers to sell or park their domain names without going through tedious negotiations.

Wegrzyn further notes that her company provides a marketplace featuring an integrated Google feed and safe escrow system, along with fixed price models that reduce buyer and seller workload.

This service boasts many unique features in its industry. For instance, it makes use of direct Google feeds, provides a safe escrow system and secure ad-hoc sales option for domainers seeking quick sales options, all while charging just 5% commission to sellers.

Ad-hoc sales enable customers to purchase domain names through their own escrow accounts for a fixed price – making Domain.com currently the only marketplace that offers this feature.

An additional feature of the service that makes it exceptional is its automated ad-serving capabilities, which make it possible to place advertising on parked domains without needing the cooperation of domain owners. Ads are automatically computed based on keywords in each domain name, and relevant advertisements are placed directly onto it.

As a result, domain parking services generate a revenue stream through advertising that can be used to fund further development and marketing activities on the parked domain. Their ad-serving capabilities enable integration with Yahoo! and Google ad syndicators into the domain parking ecosystem.

Ad syndicators provide domain parking services with essential advertising infrastructure, allowing them to display ads on parked domains and generate revenue by charging a small commission for every click-through of an ad. However, their presence increases users’ risk of visiting malicious websites with malware, scams or explicit adult content.


Domain investors all recognize that parking your domains can be an ordeal, whether just starting out or with an established portfolio. Finding an ideal platform that supports you and your assets is key for success in domain investing.

Recent domain parking network testings include Sedo, Bodis and Dynadot and have found each has their own individual set of strengths and weaknesses. Sedo stands out with an intuitive user interface and robust search engine; however, signing up takes longer and its pricing model does not cater well for small business owners.

Dynadot offers an impressive suite of tools for monetizing assets, with SmartPark as their signature solution for domain parking. Combining artificial intelligence technology and massive search engines to deliver responsive domain parking services that serve parked pages to visitors through HTTPS protocol makes Dynadot an appealing option for domainers.

SmartPark offers an excellent suite of features for managing your domains, such as an API and mobile application that makes domain management simple. Plus, with multiple payment options designed to meet every budget imaginable and their imminent release of a beta version of SmartPark’s platform you could even begin monetising domains immediately!

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